National Capital Fit Day

National Capital Fit Day June 16




If you have ever wanted to change your lifestyle to be healthier National Capital Fit Day is your chance.   Taking place June 16 this event will have everything one needs to improve their life to a healthier change.   Whether you are just starting, a weekend warrior or a hardcore athlete National Capital Fit Day will be your fitness be all and end all event.  


National Capital Fit Day will expose you to the best the industry has to offer in the city including gyms, trainers, equipment, sports clubs, nutritionists and physiotherapists.  


There will be events that will appeal to everyone’s interests.   Some of the various things to see and do at National Capital Fit Day will include a model search to bodybuilding workshops and healthy eating seminars.   Activities will also include basketball, hockey, softball and an arm wrestling tournament.


Don’t’ be afraid to bring your kids.   This year, National Capital Fit Day has devoted an entire area to promote kids fitness and sports, which will enable them to try out various activities that they may not have had a chance to try. With a strong emphasis on fun and motivation this is sure to be a hit with the kids.


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